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GRD-0001.01.01-01   3 Post Copper Grids
GRD-0001.08.01-01   3 Post Copper Grids, shallow downset
GRD-0001.07.01   3 Post Copper Grids, side access
GRD-0001.02.01-01   3 Post Moly Grids
GRD-0001.05.01-01   4 Post Copper Lift-out grids
GRD-0001.10.01-01   4 Post Copper Lift-out grids
GRD-0001.06.01   4 Post Moly Lift-Out Grids
GRD-0001.04.02   5 Post Copper Lift-Out Grids
GRD-0001.09.01   5 Post Copper Lift-Out Grids
51-1120-052   70 degree Pre-tilt Sample holders (pack of 5)
PT-0001.09.01-01   AP200/100.7 Narrow W Probe Tip
PT-0001.01.01-01   AP200/100.7 Ni Shank/W Probe Tip
PT-0001.02.01-01   AP200/100.7 W Probe Tip
PT-0001.03.01   AP300/400 tips for in-situ tip change
51-H5-056   Austenitic stainless steel calibration test sample
GRD-0001.03.01-01   Beryllium half-ring grids
51-1606-001   Cobalt (Co) standard
51-H5-050   EBSD Si (Silicon) calibration/test sample
51-1606-044   EDX Calibration and health check standards block
51-1236-255   Flexible Cryo L-OUT braid assembly 100mm (cold plate)
51-1236-290   Flexible Cryo L-OUT double braid assembly 100mm (Dewar)
GSB-0001.01.01-01   Lift-Out Grid Storage Box
51-1582-018   LN2 level sensor for SiLi detector (Dark grey)
51-1582-025   LN2 level sensor for SiLi detector (Light grey)
TGH-0001.25.00   Low profile TEM grid holder with 2 sample pucks
TGH-0001.53.00-REV-A   Low-profile small footprint grid holder
51-A-1614-664   Nalpeiron to SafeNet License Upgrade Kit
PT-0001.14.01   OP300/400 Probe Tips for FEI SDB Front Port
PT-0001.16.01   OP400L Low-Magnetic probe tips for in situ tip change (non-Helios)
51-1392-032   Oxford Instruments 8GB USB Flash drive
51-1404-046-01   Oxford Instruments mouse mat
51-1120-051   Pre-tilt Multi Sample holder Carosel - Hitachi
51-1120-109   Pre-tilt single sample holder 21mm
51-1120-035   Pre-tilt single sample holder for Hitachi SEM
WRN-0001.07.01-01   Probe Shaft Hex Wrench Kit
SS-0001.01.00-00   Probe shaft set screws
PT-0001.05.01   Probe Tips for AP200/250 equipped w/ ShortCut
STP   Sagepay test product
51-1120-465   Sample pin stub
GRD-0002.00.100   Silicon Half Grids - Continuous surface - 100/pack
GRD-0002.00.25   Silicon Half Grids - Continuous surface - 25/pack
GRD-0002.04.10   Silicon Half Grids - Four mounting fingers - 10/pack
GRD-0002.04.100   Silicon Half Grids - Four mounting fingers - 100/pack
GRD-0002.01.100   Silicon Half Grids - Single mounting finger - 100/pack
51-1606-010   STANDARDS BLOCK SET 1 (37 standards)
51-1606-021   STANDARDS BLOCK SET 2 (55 standards)
51-1606-065   TEM EDS Calibration Standards Set
test123   test
51-1120-408   TKD EBSD sample holder
51-H5-550   Universal EBSD Pre-tilt single sample holder - Height adjustable
PT-0001.06.01   XA Short-Cut Probe Tips

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